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How will craft spirits change local pubs in Illinois?

Craft distillers and craft brewers in Illinois are on the rise as the number of bars and taverns shrink. The Bureau of Labor statistics reflect that the number of bar and taverns have decreased by 6.3 percent since the year 2010. The bar and tavern scene will continue to be greatly affected by craft distillers and craft brewers as new legislation proposed will grant them more power. Senate Bill 1190 would allow craft distillers to self-distribute up to 2,500 gallons of product. Senate Bill 1672 would also provide the benefits of self-distribution and in addition, would allow full retail privileges while increasing the amount of craft spirit sold at retail from 2,500 to 10,000. Under the proposed legislations, craft distillers would be allowed to promote and deliver their product in the market at a cheap cost. This privilege is not granted to bars and taverns which puts them at a competitive disadvantage to craft distillers. If these legislations being proposed are successful, it is likely that bars/taverns will lose market share.

Source: April 2019