If you’ve set up ads on Facebook or Instagram in the past, you’re likely familiar with their demographic, regional, and interest targeting. But there are a number of ways you can learn more about your audience and lower your cost per acquisition rate by going a little further into what Facebook’s ad platform can do. 

In this video, Kim Nguyen, Director of Marketing for Speakeasy Co. shares insight on how to make the most of Facebook’s platform in two key areas: 

Acquiring New Customers – The goal of acquisition is to target audiences that have never interacted with your brand before. Of course, the first step would be to narrow in on audiences with the most obvious interests, like whiskey, vodka, and other distilled spirits, but after that you’re going to want to target audiences with complementary interests. 

Re-engaging Previous Customers – The goal of re-marketing is to re-engage users that have made a purchase or interacted with previous advertising. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience using pixel data of users who have visited your site. You can target non-converting users from your website by creating this custom audience and excluding anyone that’s made a recent purchase.

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