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How Small Brands Can do business with Big Distributors

A panel at Bar Convent Brooklyn moderated by Sarah Nagel Sisisky, director of client development at Park Street, advised new brands on ways to find a distributor. The panel featured David Brooks, the corporate brand manager of Blueprint Brands, Jason Griffin, the managing director of Heritage Wine Cellars, and Monique Huston, the national director of spirits at Winebow. Huston expressed the importance of professionalism and recommended that suppliers have a well thought-out-plan for growing their brand before going ahead and introducing their brand to the distributor. Having the support, planning, pricing and expected outcome down is what really impresses her. Griffin highlighted the importance of patience and claimed that the best suppliers to work with are those that have a positive attitude, are understanding, and have the will to make the relationship work. Brooks stated that effective communication is necessary to make the relationship work. These key rules will make it easier for small brands to get noticed by big distributors.

Source: Daily Seven Fifty June 2019