Building excitement around your brand’s products is all about bringing your customers as close to the consumer experience as possible. When tasting rooms and on-premise venues closed during the pandemic, craft brands flocked to e-commerce to develop experiences for their consumers.

In this talk, Katelyn Edelson, Marketing and Content Director of 3×3, gives advice on capturing consumer attention online. She asserts that investing in a long-term digital strategy will allow brands to align themselves with the right audience, but it is critical for the strategy to be sustainable.

“It’s really important for the future of the industry, for the future of a brand to have that digital strategy and to make that a part of your business plan,” advises Edelson. “Otherwise… when you establish that e-commerce site, or your own site, or add social media into your day-to-day, you’re basically putting up a billboard in the middle of nowhere.”

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