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Hard soda is quickly becoming a hit in the U.S.

The flavored alcohol beverage (FAB) category goes by many names, most know it as hard soda or alcoholic seltzer, but others have called it alcopops, botanic beer, fruit ales and even malternatives to name a few. By any name, the new segment is growing quickly here in the states. With leading brands expected to see growth of roughly 50 percent based on their 2016 return numbers. The IWSR projects that the FAB category as a whole will increase by 7.8 percent this year, very strong growth compared to other alcoholic beverage sectors. That growth is being led by consumers who have begun to switch from beer and malts to the increased flavor options of hard soda. It is estimated that there are currently over 65 flavor options available in the FAB category, and that number is expected to grow with smaller companies innovating new flavors and new products on an increasing basis. Look forward to seeing even more options from your favorite hard soda and alcoholic seltzer brands in the months and years to come.

Source: The IWSR Magazine, May 2017