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“hail shield” to be deployed in Burgundy wine region

Technology is coming to the rescue of the wine industry in the prestigious Burgundy wine region. By June of this year a new hi-tech solution is being deployed to combat destructive storms that have blighted the region in recent years. It is called a “hailstone shield” and will completely cover the vineyards of Burgundy.

The shield is made up of a network of 125 ground generators that cause tiny particles of silver iodide to rise to the clouds above, this prevents the formation of hail stones, which thus reduces the risk of damage to the vineyards. Hail storms have increased in recent years in both frequency and intensity. The project began in 2014 after hail destroyed some 15,000 hectares. Wine growers won’t be the only beneficiaries, the system also serves farmers and citizens in the area by protecting their gardens and farmland.

Source: The Telegraph, April 2017