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Garden-to-glass drinks

Cabbage wine, tomato beer, those might sound crazy, but those are just some of the new beverages available in the new “garden-to-glass” drinks segment. The idea is to ensure an eco-friendly drinking experience. The new segment emphasizes produce-driven beverages that require very little food mileage, similar to a concept familiar here in the US known as “farm-to-table”.

A popular Singapore bar, ranked in the top 10 in all of Asia, is looking to minimize waste when making drinks and has brought an approach known as “closed-loop” cocktails. Now, closed-loop systems are nothing new in the business world, but this might be the first time that it’s being put to use in a bar setting. It’s a new wave of zero-waste techniques being seen throughout the world in various forms and is catching on in the Asian bartending scene. Owner Luke Whearty is even known for turning byproducts of a drink into snack bars.

Source: CNBC, October 2017