It can be tempting for new brand owners to jump right into a primary market like New York or Los Angeles and try to build their brand by targeting high-density areas. While it might seem like a good idea, investing resources in high-profile markets, which can be highly competitive, might not be as fruitful a prospect as you might hope.

In this talk, Anton Kinloch, a partner at Fuchsia Tiki Bar in the Hudson Valley, shares his on-premise experience developing a craft cocktail culture in an area which historically lacked one. He takes brand owners through the essentials of building a following in secondary markets like key performance indicators, marketing techniques and building sustainable connections.

“Partner with somebody on the ground,” recommends Kinloch. “If you’re going into a small market and you don’t have the support system in place, find someone who is already connected with everybody there and try to get involved.”

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