The French may be best known for their Champagne and Wines, but a fast growing segment of the country is now producing some of the best whiskey available on the market. France has all the materials to produce the best whiskies- barley, malt, pure water, distillation of cognac, and of course their expertise in wine production. French producers have a unique advantage in that they can age whiskies in old white wine barrels to enhance the sweet flavors and aromas. Whisky is continuing to grow steadily in France, with 33 active whiskey distilleries and an additional 30 on the horizon. The average French adult consuming 2.15 liters per year and sales of French whiskey have quadrupled in just the past seven years, with more than 800,000 liters sold this past year.

Source: WSWA SmartBrief December 2018

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