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Fall’s Top Alcohol Trends

Drizly reported that red wine made up 49.73 percent of total beverage alcohol sales while beer and liquor represented 24.05 percent and 26.22 percent, respectively. The share of red wine sales increased by 5 percent from September to October 2018 and Drizly is expecting a similar red wine performance in 2019. Drizly’s data shows an increase in sales of hard seltzer from 6.26 percent share of the category in July of 2018 to 17.48 percent share in July of 2019. According to Drizly, as fall approaches, there will be a shift back to heavier beers such as seasonals, stouts, and porters, and cider. The company anticipates that Bourbon and Scotch whiskey will increase their share of the spirits category in the months between August and December.

Source: Forbes August 2019