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Proof Awards 2023

The Proof Awards 2023 is a double-blind tasting competition organized by Food and Beverage Magazine. The event is for every spirits and wine brand looking to enter or spread their popularity in the US beverage market. The event is judged by US-based judges who are also buyers, which makes this a perfect event for new and emerging brands.



Food and Beverage Magazine
1930 Village Center Circle #3197
Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
Email: Michael@fb101.com

Event Location:

Western Oakey Center
1513 W. Oakey Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102
November 08-09, 2023

Who’s Behind the Proof Awards 2023?

Wine Trade
Proof Magazine, a digital publication for spirits, wine, potations, libations and beverage industry news, organizes the Proof Awards. The Food & Beverage Magazine, a leading online magazine resource for the food and beverage industry, publishes Proof Magazine. The magazine has been around for over 20 years and is widely popular among professionals in related fields, with Proof Magazine having over 14 million confirmed readers. Food & Beverage Magazine is the staple for buyers, decision-makers, and even foodies who want the most current industry information. Delta Sky Club, Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas and Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada Las Vegas also support the Proof Awards.

Who Is the Proof Awards 2023 For?

Wine Trade Show

The PR%F (Proof) Awards Double-Blind Tasting Competition and The Total Package Competition are powered by Food and Beverage Magazine. The competition is held in two parts: masked and unmasked.

The masked part involves a double-blind testing competition where buyers from all over the USA will rate the spirits, wines, and beverages in a 100-point rating system. Then the unmasked part follows, where the judges will evaluate each brand separately, seeing the bottle or can, judging the design, reading the ingredients, and hearing the story and the marketing package.

The winners will be announced based on the points system scoring, and there are about 300 categories, including Ready-to-Drink, Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Alcohol-Free), coffees, teas, waters, and functional beverages.

The Proof Awards competition is unique because every judge is a buyer. All the judges are beverage buyers from across the US – airlines, cruise lines, resorts, casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, big box retail chains, liquor stores, distributors, online retail, and more. It means that they have the power to purchase your brand and bring it closer to consumers, and this is the perfect way for a new or emerging brand to showcase what they bring to the market.

Wrapping Up

Proof Awards is a competition event that is the perfect chance for a new or emerging brand to enter the US beverage market. The event is held as a private judging competition on November 8th and 9th, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you can learn how to enter your product into the competition by visiting the official Proof Awards website.

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