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International Canned Wine Competition 2023

The International Canned Wine Competition 2023 is an annual event where canned wine producers worldwide compete for gold medals and international recognition. Any canned wine manufacturer with a commercially available canned grape wine product can join the competition.



International Canned Wine Competition
PO Box 345, Philo, California 95466 USA
Phone: 707-338-1800
Email: info@cannedwinecompetition.com

Event Location:

International Canned Wine Competition
c/o Mendocino County Fairgrounds
14400 Highway 128, Boonville, CA 95415 USA
Phone: 707-338-1800
July 18-20, 2023

Who’s Behind the International Canned Wine Competition 2023?

Wine Trade
The International Canned Wine Competition is an annual competition that will have its fifth edition this year. Imagined and designed as an international competition that compares canned wine products’ quality, creativity, and packaging. Organized by Allan Green, a long-time wine expert working on the Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition, the International Canned Wine Competition is gaining popularity among canned wine manufacturers.

Who Is the International Canned Wine Competition 2023 For?

Wine Trade Show

The International Canned Wine Competition is an annual event that is open to every canned wine manufacturer worldwide. To enter the competition, any brand with canned grape wine products in their offer can register online, and once they receive their registration documents, they need to send two cans of each entry to the prescribed address.

The judging takes place from 18th to 20th July 2023 at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, California. The judges will compare the canned wines on quality, taste, can design, and innovations; the prizes are gold medals and extensive online marketing support. Any winner can stick the gold medal onto their cans or add it to their can designs, thus using the competition in their marketing campaigns.

The competition’s judging panels consist of selected consumers, wine buyers, and other wine professionals that can help any brand. All beverages will automatically be entered into the accompanying package design competition. Design awards will be made for individual cans and a series of cans.

The International Canned Wine Competition also cooperates with social media influencers and celebrities, helping brands get market exposure and increase sales. The popularity of canned wines is on the rise and is expected to soar in upcoming years, which makes the International Canned Wine Competition a perfect place to enter your canned wine products and reach a greater market share.

Wrapping Up

The International Canned Wine Competition is an event that any brand with grape wine in canned form should consider entering. The competition allows brands to get more exposure and helps them reach new markets, and the winners can add the gold star for best wines and most creative and innovative packaging. The official entry for the 2023 competition concluded on the 7th of July, 2023. Still, you can find more information on the event and a fascinating post on the history of canned wines on the official website.

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