Introducing a beverage-alcohol brand to the U.S. market requires a nuanced understanding of the regulatory landscape. Each state in the U.S. regulates beverage alcohol in its own unique way and each major city in the U.S. has its own drinks culture. While your brand might have a high-quality product that’s well differentiated, you won’t make it very far without doing your homework.

In a market that’s as highly regulated and competitive as the U.S., having a targeted approach to market entry will make all the difference to your brand. On this episode of the Park Street Insider podcast,  we’re featuring a presentation from industry veteran Chris Ladas, Founder of XAL consulting, who presents an overview of the U.S. market.

Ladas takes a look at the different regions within the U.S. and gives listeners a sense of how nuanced each specific market can be when trying to make sales.  He’ll explain why sales channels that are vital to success in certain states might not be worthwhile in others. He also offers key considerations in both on and off-premise environments.

Episode Breakdown:

2:15 – Different regions in the U.S.

3:32 – Three-Tier System

4:16 – Considerations for major markets

8:35 – Marketing considerations

Key Quote:

“When you’re looking at the rundown of the retail landscape, it truly varies in every landscape. And to consider the U.S. as a single market would be a big mistake.”

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Chris Ladas, Founder and Chief Consulting Officer, XAL Consulting

Mentioned in this episode:

The Keys to Selling Beverage Alcohol in Many Different Markets
XAL Consulting

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