As larger portions of Gen-Z reach legal drinking age, their impact on the alcohol industry is becoming more pronounced and the segment’s preferences have come into full view. What’s become increasingly clear is that how this demographic interacts with alcohol is dramatically different from each generation that’s come before it.

Strikingly,  Gen-Z is more inclined to imbibe on-premise than any other age bracket in the current market. So as this demographic brings its shifting consumption patterns into bars, restaurants, and venues, in this Essential Talk, Charlie Mitchell, Research & Insights Director at Nielsen IQ Global,  is taking a look at how brands can adapt to capture Gen-Z’s attention on-premise.

Key topics mentioned:  

Identifying Gen-Z:

  • Mitchell explores the core values of Gen-Z to give brands and bars a sense of how to target this consumer group. “If you activate well, you can build relationships for life.”

The importance of digital marketing:

  • Gen-Z is highly inclined to explore new categories. One of the biggest contributing factors to how they establish new associations with brands is through social media. Mitchell shares some strategies for engaging Gen-Z digitally before they even arrive on-premise.

Occasion based drinking:

  • Mitchell makes the case for why the on-premise’s allure to Gen-Z is rooted in their value for experiences. He dives into the type of experiences Gen-Z is after and how they can drive engagement from this demographic.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Charlie Mitchell, Research & Insights Director, Nielsen IQ Global

Mentioned in this episode:


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