Any beverage alcohol brand owner developing a model for long-term growth is likely looking for more insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions. In this episode, Jeff Menashe, CEO of Demeter Advisory Group, takes you through the mindset of prospective buyers when sizing up acquisitions.

Menashe explains why the traditional business model beverage alcohol brands have used to position themselves as an attractive investment may no longer apply in the current market. Instead, he makes the case for his own 2.0 model and gives a sense of how today’s brands can get investors like him at the table.

Menashe shares his insights on the trajectory that brands will need to follow in order to secure investment or acquisition, and outlines the best strategies for brands to scale their growth long-term. You’ll also hear about how shifting distribution models in the current market can help brands achieve a positive cash flow in less time than it might have historically taken them.

Listeners will hear about the attributes necessary to position their brand as an appealing investment, how to generate brand awareness, and learn more about the value of building a community with your target consumers through engagement.

Episode Breakdown:

Menashe’s criteria for attractive investments – 2:07
Building brand awareness in the on-premise – 3:55
Menashe’s model 2.0 for attracting investors – 4:50
Path to profitability for brands – 7:00

Key Quote:

“What you’re ultimately doing is building a community. If you’re asking “what is somebody looking for in a brand?” the way you find those characteristics would be by having built a community.”

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Jeff Menashe, Founder & CEO, Demeter Advisory Group

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