When Charles Gordon tasked Lesley Gracie with creating the quintessential English gin in 1999, there were no constraints on the level of experimentation she could employ to get the job done. It was only with a true sense of curiosity that the brand’s flagship gin came to market infused with cucumber and rose. Now a leader in the craft spirits movement, Hendrick’s achieved its status by making this sense of curiosity and experimentation crucial to its brand identity.

On this episode of Essential Talks from the Park Street Insider podcast, you’ll hear from Muiris Ó Riada, Global Brand Director for Hendrick’s Gin at William Grant & Sons. Ó Riada will break down the steps Hendrick’s has taken to activate the brand globally.

For Hendrick’s Gin, fostering a sense of curiosity and experimentation at every step of the brand’s operations is crucial. From the curation of new products to holding activation events for bartenders, listeners will hear about how the brand utilizes the principle of experimentation at every level. Ó Riada also explains how everyone on the Hendrick’s team plays a critical role in the brand’s strategy.  He also delivers his golden rules for telling the brand’s story.

Episode Breakdown:

1:16 – Introduction to Hendrick’s
2:07 – Golden Rules of brand activation
2:40 – History of Hendrick’s
4:00 – How Hendrick’s approaches innovation
6:30 – Engaging bartenders with new SKUs
7:45 – How Hendrick’s uses its distillery to promote the brand

Key Quote:

“For us on the brand, we’re very ruthless in keeping to what makes the brand different. That family company mindset, that backing, is critical to that sense of curiosity without compromise.”

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Muiris Ó Riada, Global Brand Director for Hendrick’s Gin at William Grant & Sons

Mentioned in this episode:

Hendrick’s Gin
William Grant & Sons
Park Street at Bar Convent Berlin

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