Very few categories have as much heritage and tradition as wine, and innovators in the space often fight an uphill battle. In this Essential Talk from Alison Luvera, Founder & CEO of Juliet Wine, she discusses the brand’s journey to becoming an industry disruptor in boxed wine. She explains the brand’s three pillars of marketing and how authenticity and intentionality lead to the brand’s breakthrough success.

  • Reversing Negative Stigmas- Alison discusses how the mission of Juilet Wine is to reimagine boxed wine for the modern consumer. Box wine has a longer shelf life and a smaller carbon footprint than its bottle counterpart, and the stubborn negative stigma surrounding boxed wine is preventing innovation in the space.
  • Culture, Community, Change- The three pillars of Juilet Wine’s marketing strategy are culture, community, and change. Alison provides real-world examples of how the brand leverages each pillar in its marketing.
  • The Forefront of Premiumization- Alison discusses what separates Juilet Wine from traditional boxed wine to allow the brand to be embraced by upscale on-premise accounts.

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Alison Luvera, Founder & CEO, Juliet Wine

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Juliet Wine

Entrepreneurial Insights: Juliet’s Modern Marketing Model

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