While developing a brand on-premise is important, more and more people are beginning to see that e-commerce should be thought of in its own right. While big brands have massive marketing and distribution budgets, e-commerce can be seen as a great leveler for smaller brands trying to carve out their space. Not only do large brands not have free range to dominate this space, but consumer experiences can be curated more effectively online than in person. In the virtual space, the opportunity for controlling the brand’s message is immense; brands can now dictate consumer experience down to the detail. 

In the latest video from Park Street University, Elwyn Gladstone, founder of Biggar & Leith, teaches us how to build an online presence that will attract new customers. He’ll cover the many opportunities offered by e-commerce and how to leverage digital savviness into increased exposure and revenue streams, and even build a lifestyle and culture around your brand’s virtual identity.

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