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Economic impact of wine – example Ontario: every bottle of wine produced creates spinoff benefits worth $40, adding up to a national economic impact of almost $7 billion

Every bottle of wine produced in Ontario creates spinoff benefits worth $40, an economic impact study found, adding up to a national economic impact of almost $7 billion and more than 31,000 jobs.

The report was commissioned by the Canadian Vintners Association and other provincial wine associations.

Ontario residents alone drank 84 million bottles of wine last year, while almost two million people visited a winery in the province, the report found.

Nationally, Canadians enjoy more than 220 million bottles of wine produced by the domestic wine industry each year.

“The impacts are both direct and indirect, from job creation and tourism to tax generation and agricultural growth, the wine industry benefits multiple business sectors across the entire Canadian economy,” said Dan Paszkowski, president of the Canadian Vintners Association.

Wineries in B.C. are second to those in Ontario in terms of economic output, with a spinoff at about $2 billion.

Source: Toronto Sun