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First there was Amazon, now there’s Drizly. It will be hard for another online retailer to compete with Drizly when it comes to selling alcohol online. Three years ago Drizly started as an app, similar to Uber, for on-demand delivery of alcohol in the US.

The online store format will enable customers to see inventory, and thus, compare prices, of local retailers. Proponents of Drizly argue that this site provides access to the largest number of alcohol products for consumers. The delivery options vary by market from delivery to picking up at the store to shipping. The initial launch will take place in the San Francisco market.

As consumer demand for online shopping continues to skyrocket, the need for sites Drizly creates is increasingly relevant. Co-founder and CEO of Drizly, Nick Rellas, explains, “Analysts predict that close to 40 percent of online spend will be owned by marketplace retailers by 2020… Our shift to the marketplace model was the natural progression for our business and having that vision early on has allowed us to excel at each stage as we streamline the alcohol shopping experience for consumers.”

Source: Drizly

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