Misadventure & Co., a distillery located in San Diego, has created an all-natural vodka that is also sustainable. The company uses many types of food waste from bread to twinkies to produce the starch in the fermentation process. Once a week the distillery collects roughly one thousand pounds of bread products from a local food bank that would either be thrown out or is not considered “suitable” for donation.

The process is relatively straightforward because vodka is very simple to create. Since vodka is just sugar from starch that gets fermented and distilled, the distillery is just substituting a different type of starch from your typical rye or potatoes. Misadventure is marketing it as “the first in the world” to produce vodka this way. “If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor of greenhouse gases behind only the United States and China” the companies co-owner said.

Source: New York Magazine, August 2017

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