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    Danish producer launches “world’s first non-alcoholic gin”

    Gin Distillery Room

    Danish gin brand Herbie recently launched a non-alcoholic product distilled with Juniper, Danish apples, lavender and orange peel, called Herbie Virgin. The spirit is described by Herbie as the first non-alcoholic gin in the world. Produced in Denmark by rum producer Anders Skotlander and Herbie CEO Anders Bilgram. The non-alcoholic version is produced using the same production methods and equipment as the traditional gin which is considered one of the best-selling gins on the Danish market since its launch in December 2016. The Herbie gin team has primarily been focused on the Danish market but are now looking to expand. They are eagerly researching importers in both the UK and central European markets.

    Source: The Spirits Business, July 2017