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    Crowlers Prove to Be a Lifeline for Breweries During Pandemic

    When the majority of the country closed down the on-premise channel earlier this year, the demand for refillable crowler cans shot up. Crowler Nation, which sell crowler equipment, says its sales are up about seven times the average amount. As such, crowlers became a lifeline for some breweries and provided the packaging style mainstream recognition.

    “When they open up bars and restaurants, it’s not going to be normal again,” says Nima Hadian, owner of Shangy’s off-premise only shop in Pennsylvania. “You don’t need to leave your house anymore” for entertainment and good food. And if there’s a big increase in places filling Crowler cans, it’ll be easy enough to crack open a taste of freshly poured draft beer at home as well.”

    Source: Seven Fifty Daily, June 2020