The rules of marketing in the beverage alcohol space continue to evolve as new consumers enter the market and category preferences change. In this series of videos, our experts for Park Street University explore the latest trends in marketing, including how to connect with Gen Z consumers, promoting brands in emerging categories, and the importance of trade marketing.

In his presentation at Bar Convent Brooklyn, Marc Farrell, Founder & CEO of Ten to One Rum, explains how his brand has worked to shift the perception of rum. Farrell discusses how Ten to One has leaned into the versatility of the spirit and the rich culture of the Caribbean to promote its product.

In this presentation from Bar Convent Brooklyn, Zee Kastanek, International Sales Director at EcoSpirits, explains why sustainable product innovations see higher growth in the modern beverage alcohol market. Kastanek reveals why many hospitality venues and operators are dedicating performance indicators to measure environmental impact how they are earning extra recognition through these practices.

In this Bar Convent Brooklyn presentation, Lindsey Johnson, the Founder and Creative Director of Lush Life, discusses some tips for trade marketing and how spirits brands can work with bars to achieve their goals. Johnson emphasizes the significance of brands connecting with bartenders and fostering an inclusive community.

In this presentation from Bar Convent Brooklyn, Jake Hodas, the Co-Owner of Lullaby, discusses how the beverage alcohol industry can connect with legal drinking-age consumers from Gen Z. Hodas emphasizes how promoting an experience can capture the attention of the next generation of imbibers. He also dives into Lullaby’s unique approach to social media marketing, focusing on the guest experience and authenticity to connect with Gen Z, and highlights the importance of preserving the human touch in the hospitality industry.


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