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Control State Results for November


NABCA post 122815Spirits- During the month of November, spirit sales increased more than it had in the months prior. Sales of nine-liter cases of spirits in the control states grew 2.8%, a tenfold increase in growth rate. Rolling-twelve month volumes grew at 3.2%. When comparing the year-to-date sales for nine-liter spirits case, they have grown 2.6% compared to 1.9% for the same time last year.

Control states spirits shelf dollars were up 4.8% during November, but were trending at 5.7% during the past twelve months. The trends for Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming are reporting growth rates exceeding their previous twelve month trends. Year-to-date shelf dollars have grown 5.2% this year in contrast to 4.4% during last year.

Wine- During the month of November’s nine-liter wine case sales growth rate was 1.1%. Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Utah, Mississippi, Montgomery County Maryland, and Wyoming reported 0.3%, -0.7%, 8.6%, 3.1%, 0.0%, and 13.6%, respectively. Rolling-twelve month wine volume growth of 1.1% flat compared to October’s 1.1%.

 Source: NABCA