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Consultation on Excise Tax Structure for Alcohol Launched in Europe

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In an effort to fight against tax fraud in the alcoholic beverage space, the European Commission has established a consultation forum that is open to the public.  The presence of counterfeit alcohol is very strong in Europe and the ultimate goal of this 3 month long consultation will be to revise the current excise duty structure.  Producers, retailers, consumers, and more will all be able to express their opinions on the matter.  Protecting consumers and fair competition are both needed in the European market.  Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation, and Customs, stated, “Current rules on the classification and excise structure of alcoholic beverages can be open to interpretation, so that some producers can exploit tax loopholes by producing and selling counterfeit alcohol.”  By revising the structure, the European Commission hopes to also help smaller craft producers better engage the market and see more success.  In 3 months’ time, expect change to come to regulatory compliance laws in Europe.