If you make the trip down to Jalisco, Mexico, you may come across Casa Maestri’s agave fields and tequila distillery, where up to 40 million liters are distilled every year. Founded in 2008, Casa Maestri partners with tequila suppliers on the recipe development, packaging, and warehousing of their products. Park Street University spoke to Jose Coira, VP of Sales at Casa Maestri, to learn more about the benefits of co-packing with a major tequila producer in the latest edition of our Co-Packing Spotlight.

Our Interview with Casa Maestri

What are the primary benefits of co-packing from your perspective?

Choosing a co-packing company with decades of experience in the alcohol industry can save end customers a significant amount of time and money. These companies can provide valuable tips and insights on how to package and present products in a way that appeals to consumers.

What information does a supplier need to have ready when approaching your company?

It’s best to submit a trademark to the government and provide an example of the final package or mockup to ensure that the overall package and presentation are capable of producing the desired result.

Is there a minimum order quantity for suppliers?

At our distillery, we are committed to supporting our customers and recognizing the challenges that come with starting a business. That’s why we are proud to offer a unique policy that sets us apart from other distilleries – we do not have a minimum order requirement for our customers. We understand that selling your first case of goods can be a daunting task and that sales take time. We want to give our customers the flexibility and support they need to succeed, so we invest in providing a no-minimum policy.

Does Casa Maestri handle delivery for suppliers?

We sell ex-distillery products, and as such, customers are responsible for picking up their finished products. However, we can recommend many transportation companies that they can work with. We understand that transportation can be a challenge for some of our customers, especially those who are just starting out. That’s why we have established relationships with several reliable transportation companies that specialize in handling alcohol products.

How does Casa Maestri determine pricing?

The price of tequila is determined by its varietal, case pack, and the proof of the end product. Additionally, the cost of labor includes the difficulty of producing the bottle/package. We do not have any limits on the amount we can fill, since we have both fast automated lines and manual lines. All of these factors together determine an approximate fee per case.

What is the average lead time from agreement to completion?

We like to say six months completion from start to finish for a new private label tequila brand.

What are some common mistakes you see?

Not securing a U.S. trademark is a common mistake we see, but it is a requirement by the Mexican Government in order to produce in Mexico. Additionally, assuming that selling alcohol is as easy as selling a t-shirt is a common misconception. Importing and distribution conversations are often overlooked and can be a challenge after a brand is produced. However, we guide our customers with the right partners – such as Park Street Imports – to help them overcome these challenges!

Do you have any suggestions on how to get a successful outcome?

If you want to succeed in creating a brand, it’s important to take some crucial steps before contacting our distillery. One of the most important things to do is to create a comprehensive business plan that includes a detailed understanding of all aspects of the business. This includes working with an importer and distributor to learn about the industry, market trends, and how to best position your brand in the market to succeed. It also involves identifying the best sales channels for your product, whether it’s in specific areas or online.

Another important step is to register your brand with the USPTO for trademark protection. This protects your brand from being used by others and ensures that you have the exclusive right to use it. It’s also important to secure your social media handles and websites to make sure that customers can easily find you online.

Creating a brand requires investment, so it’s important to come prepared with a costing model to determine how much capital you will need to succeed. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that you have enough resources to make your brand a success.

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