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Christmas stress ups Norway drinking

Central Oslo-based government wine shop Vinmonopolet branches sell around 300,000 litres of alcohol during the year, with 40,000 sold in December.

“We see an increase in sales of aquavit in particular in December. But there are considerable sales of sparkling wine in connection with New Year. Red wine and Christmas beers are always sure winners in December”, Aasmund Navarsether, manager of Vinmonopolet in the capital’s Rosenkrantz gata, told Dagsavisen.

31 million litres of wine, beer and spirits were purchased during Christmas last year. This is an average of 44 units of alcohol, or just under 9 bottles of wine for everyone over the age of 18.

“We’re drinking more than ever in December, and it’s almost become a tradition that we go a little further when it comes to alcohol during this month”, said a concerned Kari Randen, managing director of AV-OG-TIL, a campaign organisation working for alcohol-free zones.