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Canadian Regulations for US Wine and Spirits

Bottle of red wine and corks on wooden table

The Wine Institute and Distilled Spirits Council are calling for fairer treatment of the US alcohol products they represent in Canada.  Both groups, which represent a large portion of wine and spirits in the US, have claimed certain regulations present in the Canadian market violate the country’s international trade obligations.  One such regulation is the law that only allows wine from British Columbia to be sold in the province’s grocery stores.  Another example lies in a law that will only allow wines of 100% Quebec grapes to be sold directly to convenience and grocery stores there after 2020.  Both groups also claim that there are pricing mark ups in Nova Scotia that impact US wines in a negative manner.  These various claims were submitted at the end of October for the Office of the US Trade Representative’s 2017 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers.  Development and growth for US brands in the Canadian market is the overall goal and change to certain regulations is desired by countries other than the US as well.