In the rapidly changing landscape of online sales and marketing there’s a big difference between making a footprint and developing a thriving network that consumers will be excited to engage with. 

In the latest video from Park Street University,  Andrea Sengara, Vice President, Marketing, for Campari America, shares her insights on choosing a digital platform that works best for your company, key ways to improve your digital performance, and best ways to drive conversions.

“Brands should always consider the end product to be a consumer’s experience and reflect this in your marketplace as much as possible.” 

Some of Campari America’s practices shared in the video are: 

  • Making every point where consumer engagement happens as few clicks away from purchasing as possible. 
  • Optimizing footprints so that the brand is showing up for organic search results. 
  • Photography and engaging copy are two key factors in driving consumer engaging and experience. 
  • Consistency and being diligent in communications is a requirement online. 
  • Avoiding dead ends in your online ecosystem. 

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