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California Senate Committee Passes SB 819 To Ban Powdered Alcohol

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) has reported that there have been two proposed bills created to ban powered alcohol in California. Many have “applauded Senator Huff (R-Diamond Bar), author of SB 819, Senator Hall, Chair of the GO Committee, and all the GO Committee members for their leadership on this issue,” stated Richard Zaldivar, spokesperson for CAPA and Alcohol Justice. “As soon as this bill is passed by the entire legislature and signed by Governor Brown, California will join 28 other states which have already banned the product to protect the health and safety of our young people.” There are many influential groups and public safety advocates from across the state will come together to support this legislation, including the CAPA, CCUPCA, CDAA, to name a few.

About a year ago today, Alcohol Justice requested emergency legislative action nationwide for the powdered alcohol product, Palcohol.  As of today, 28 states have permanently banned powdered alcohol. Two states have enacted temporary one-year statutory bans, and three states are regulating it under existing alcohol statutes.

“We know that every year over 500 underage alcohol-related deaths occur in California, while underage drinking costs the public $3.5 billion,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, Executive Director / CEO of Alcohol Justice. “Today’s unanimous committee vote sends a strong message that California will not allow the dangers that powdered alcohol products would add.”

The bill actually was passed today on a 12-0 vote and will now move through one more committee before being voted upon by the full Senate.

Source: DBR