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California Hair Salons Will Soon Serve Alcohol without a License

law-picA bill that will allow California hair salons and barber shops to serve alcohol without a license was passed late last month.  All the bill needs now is Governor Jerry Brown’s signature, which will sign it into law.  To obtain the current license to serve beer and wine in California requires no more than a couple hundred dollars’ worth of initial fees, annual renewals, and two to three months of processing time.  Despite this, a large percentage of hair service outlets still serve beer and wine to their customers without a license.  John Carr, a public information officer for the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, confirmed that this practice violates state law.  Hair salons and barber shops that are technically breaking the law will soon be able to serve alcohol legally.  New hair salons have expressed interest in starting to do so if the bill is passed into law.  Joe Escobedo, Owner of Anton Hair Salon, plans to integrate alcohol into his customer experience, as he believes that “maybe a glass (of wine) will help customers to relax.”

Source: The Daily Californian