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Blue wine coming to the United States

The days of having to choose between a red or white wine may be over, Spain’s Gik wine is bringing a new product called Blue wine to the US. Blue wine is a combination of both red and white grapes. It has already gained popularity in Europe, but is just now coming across the Atlantic to the US market.

Blue wine, which is bright and colorful, is also said to be “sweeter and easier to drink” according to the company. The genesis of the idea to produce the product came from an interesting place. The company says it was inspired after reading The Blue Ocean Strategy, which differentiated red oceans (which are full of sharks and the fish they eat) with blue oceans (which is where fish aren’t prey and swim freely). The company said that the metaphor was “poetic” and wanted to bring that same thought process to the wine industry.

Source: The Daily Meal, May 2017