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Big Box Stores Working to Change Spirits Sales in Texas

On March 2018, US District Judge Robert Pitman made an agreement with a large corporation to order the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to cease enforcement on the ban on public corporations, the five-permit limit and the consolidation exception for family members. This Texas law prevents large big box stores from selling spirits.

Although big box stores can sell beer and wine in Texas, it is prohibited from owning a package store permit thus unable to sell spirits. The lawsuit challenges the state since it prevents a public corporation from holding a package store permit, limits the number of package store permits one person may hold to five, it allows the consolidation of package store permits into a single entity if one or two relatives have a majority of ownership in two or move venues with package store permits, and it prohibits any person who holds a package store permit or owns an internet in a package store from having an interest in wine and beer retailer’s off-premise or mixed beverage permit.

Source: October 2018