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Beverage licensees support communities with over $43 billion on taxes annually

As tax day has come and gone for most Americans most of us don’t think about our taxes again until next year. The American Beverage Licensees (ABL) the national trade association for retail beverage alcohol license holders across the United States, put out a list of interesting facts this year.

The ABL highlighted the economic impact of America’s beer, wine and spirits retailers and the more than $43 billion they pay in federal, state and local taxes. In addition to the direct economic impact, the owners and employees of your local bars, taverns and retailers pay an additional $25 billion in federal taxes and $18 billion in state and local taxes. If you were to include the suppliers of these companies than those numbers swell to $64 billion and $43 billion respectively.

Direct retail alcohol sales generate $295 billion in direct economic activity, provide nearly 2 million jobs, and pay more than $100 billion in wages and benefits every year.

Source: ABL, April 2018