Operators in all three tiers of beverage alcohol are still facing challenges in transportation. While global supply chain disruptions may have started with the pandemic, some factors essential to logistics have worsened in recent times. It’s important to get a sense of the current transportation landscape so that brands can understand the challenges they face and start planning around them.

In the latest video from Park Street University, Adriana McKinnon, Park Street’s Director of Logistics, offers advice for navigating the current disruption. She explains the market conditions that are causing these challenges and gives advice for putting your shipment in the best possible position amid the circumstances. By anticipating potential obstacles and using the best practices for arranging shipments, brands can better prepare for the obstacles they come across.

McKinnon notes, “Even with these obstacles and the unpredictability, there are still some steps you can take to put your shipment in the best possible position amid the circumstances.”

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