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Beer for brunch trend picking up steam

Brewers are working with restaurants and other breakfast/brunch locations to expand beer options to their consumers. New beer cocktails and flavored drinks called “brewmosas” and “micheladas” are catching on. Breweries are also helping by introducing morning-friendly beer options and hosting brunches to encourage people to consider beer at a time that many haven’t previously.

Restaurants are also finding that beer on their morning cocktail menus appeals to the diner and brunch crowd who are looking for new and unique flavor pairings or prefer a lower alcohol content option than the traditional vodka or champagne based drinks typically served in the morning hours. Six in ten Americans are considered “likely” to drink alcohol with their weekend brunch and 21 percent say they drink beer at brunch, according to a Nielsen report, so the market is there. Beer and Belgian waffles or ale and eggs could be a new pairing at your local brunch spot soon.

Source: WSJ, June 2017