With shipment rates and turn around times reaching higher peaks than ever before, the supply chain backup can be frustrating and disorienting. Understanding the causes behind the current constraints in freight and logistics can assist you in forecasting and planning ahead.

In this talk, Alison Leavitt, Managing Director for the Wine and Spirits Shippers Association, explains why the Covid-19 pandemic had such a profound impact on beverage-alcohol trade lanes and if/when we can expect it to go back to normal. Additionally, Leavitt provides a guide on managing the current situation from getting compliance in order before shipping to ensuring you have a strong trust with your forwarders and brokers.

“Control what you can control, you cannot control a lot of these factors,” says Leavitt. “It’s a highly regulated business, beverage alcohol. At least get all your ducks in a row if you’re shipping and do what you can in terms of understanding the lead times required.”