Product introductions in September were highlighted by several major partnerships. The Coca-Cola Company released its latest entry in the beverage alcohol space in collaboration with Constellation Brands, while 19 Crimes and Snoop Dogg continued their successful partnership with the release of their first sparkling wine. Michael Jordan and his partners at Cincoro also announced a big move in the luxury tequila space. Below is Park Street’s full product release recap for September 2022.

George Dickel Expands Bottled in Bond Whiskey Series

Diageo’s George Dickel has released an 11-year-old vintage from 2008, it’s second in its Bottled in Bond series. The George Dickel Bottled in Bond Fall 2008 has a flavor profile consisting of string nut and fruit flavors as well as notes of cheery and structured oak on the finish. The new offering has a mashbill of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley and is bottled at 100 proof with 50% ABV. The new product rolled out nationwide this month and is available for sale at an SRP of $44.99 a bottle. 

“Since its first inception, I’ve been proud to work on the George Dickel Bottled in Bond Series as it’s a lineup defined by credibility and transparency. While each new release has had its subtle differences, they’ve overall shared the same hallmark traits as well as consistently offered whisky drinkers a quality Bottled in Bond option at an approachable price point. Whether you’re a longstanding fan of the series or just now finding it, we hope that you’re able to enjoy this new offering from the George Dickel Bottled in Bond Series” noted Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. General Manager & Distiller Nicole Austin. (Source)

Fresca Unveils Line of Mixed Premium Canned Cocktails 

In collaboration with Constellation Brands, Coca-Cola Company-owned Fresca has debuted a new line of premixed cocktails: Fresca Mixed. The line is currently available in Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma varieties. Both flavors are gluten-free, and sugar-free and contain 100 calories with 5% ABVin each 12oz can. Consumers can find Fresca mixed across the country in 4-pack formats for an SRP of $9.99.

“We know that many Fresca drinkers enjoy it as a mixer with alcohol spirits to create their favorite cocktails, in addition to enjoying it as a citrus sparkling drink. With the Constellation Brands teams’ consumer-first approach and distilled beverage expertise, coupled with the delicious and classic grapefruit Fresca recipe created by The Coca-Cola Company, we believe people are going to be curious and excited to try the new Fresca Mixed canned cocktails as it hits shelves” commented Dan White, Chief of New Revenue Streams, The Coca-Cola Company North America. (Source)

Olmeca Altos Launches Margarita Classic Lime Ready-to-Serve

Tequila brand Olmena Altos is entering the ready-to-serve cocktail market with the release of a Margarita Classic Lime. The offering is made with the brands Plata Tequila, lime flavor, triple sec, and agave syrup, containing 15% ABV. The new SKU rolls out this month in 750mL formats for an SRP of $19.99. (Source)

Espolon Unveils Cristalino Tequila

Espolon has launched Espolon Cristalino made from 100% Blue Weber agave and water from the natural well underneath the brand’s distillery in Los Altos de Jalisco. The Cristalino offering was one of Maestro Tequilero Cirilo Oropeza’s last projects before his passing in 2020. The product will launch nationwide in limited quantities for a suggested retail price of $59.99 per 750mL bottle.

“Espolon’s Cristalino is a testament to our late founder, Maestro Cirilo, who has proven that a truly authentic tequila experience is achievable only through time and passion,” says Sean Yelle, Senior Category Marketing Director at Campari Group USA. “A project years in the making, our Cristalino was created using both traditional and modern techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind liquid that celebrates Espolon’s rich heritage and Cirilo’s trailblazing spirit.” (Source)

19 Crimes Is Releasing Its First Sparkling Wine with Snoop Dogg

After the success of previous partnerships between 19 Crimes and Snoop Dogg, including Cali Rose and a red blend named Snoop Cali Red, the brand is collaborating with the rapper again to release sparkling wine. Snoop Cali Gold is the first sparkling wine in 19 Crime’s lineup and is currently available online and at retailers. The packaging also includes “the first rapping wine label,” with a QR code on the bottle that plays Snoop’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” when scanned.

“We wanted something cool with that O.G. party vibe and I’m hyped to add Snoop Cali Gold to my 19 Crimes collection,” Snoop Dogg states in the release. “This sparkling wine has a fun, fresh feel to it that people will enjoy. Let’s get it poppin’ with Snoop Cali Gold!” (Source)

Michael Jordan’s Tequila Announces New Blend Geared Toward the Luxury Market

Cincoro, the label created by five National Basketball Association team owners, including Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, has announced the introduction of Cincoro Gold. The new blend is Cincoro’s fifth and will be geared toward the luxury market. It will be released in limited quantities and sell for $349.99 a bottle. Jordan promised to deliver, “the world’s finest tequila.”

Jordan added, “While the tequila space may be crowded, we are fierce competitors and our portfolio reflects our passion and commitment to produce truly delicious and exceptional expressions.” (Source)

Nikka Debuts New Discovery Whiskies

In the second batch of releases in its Discovery Series, Japanese whiskey brand Nikka has rolled out two new offerings: Yoichi Single Malt Aromatic Yeast and Miyagikyo Single Malt Aromatic Yeast. Both offerings highlight the unique aromas and flavors gained from experimental fermentation, which the brand has been experimenting with at different scales. The Yoichi contains 48% ABV while the Miyagikyo comes in at 47% ABV. This is a limited release with only 20,000 bottles of each available worldwide at an RRP of $275 per bottle. 

“Nikka Discovery 2022 is a fruit of our vast reserve of yeast cultures and accumulated know-how to use them, along with skillful blending. Our blenders took great care to enhance only good aromas and integrate them with the original style of each distillery” said Emiko Kaji, Nikka Whisky’s international business development manager. (Source)

Cut Above Launches New Portfolio of Zero Proof Spirits 

September brought with it the launch of Cut Above Zero Proof Spirits, a non-alcoholic cocktail brand based out of Houston, Texas. The brand’s portfolio includes four different SKUs: Gin, Agave Blanco, Mezcal, and Whiskey. Each offering starts with pristine neutral pH water and combines natural flavors to create all-natural products with less than one gram of sugar per each zero carbs, zero-proof spirit. Each 750mL bottle is available for purchase at an SRP of $34.99 on the brand’s official website and through select retailers across the US. 

“As a father of young children focused on a healthier lifestyle, I just wanted to drink less as I get a bit older and wasn’t very impressed with what was already in the market. I set out to create a zero-proof spirit that is so unmistakably similar that both consumers and bartenders can continue to create cocktails they love without truly sacrificing any part of the drinking experience” commented founder Andrew Solis. (Source)

Francis Ford Coppola Winery Enters Prosecco Category

Delicato Family Wines has released two prosecco offerings under the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Diamond Collection brand. Made in Italy, Coppola Diamond Collection Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Rosé DOC extend the Coppola brand into the Italian wine space for the first time. The prosecco has flavors of apple, citrus, and white peach, the company reports, while the prosecco rosé contains notes of strawberry, cherry, and citrus. Both bottles will be sold at a suggested retail price of $18.

“Super-premium Prosecco is driving category growth,” says Gabriela Becker, VP of Marketing for the Coppola portfolio. “We know that Coppola Diamond Collection consumers love and trust the brand and that they are already drinking prosecco. So, bringing that quality and Italian heritage to a wine that’s a part of their lifestyle is a natural fit.” (Source)

WhistlePig PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon Hits Shelves

WhistlePig Whiskey has announced the release of 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey, featuring a high-corn mash bill while maintaining a dash of rye as a nod to WhistlePig’s roots. The brand recommends the bourbon for use in citrus and sour cocktails. The product will launch in 15 markets this year, as well as online, for a suggested retail price of $49.99 per 750mL bottle.

“There is no shortage of bourbon whiskeys on the market, and to be true to WhistlePig, we had to stand out by offering our fans more,” says Meghan Ireland, Whiskey Blender. “Just like our rye, PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon offers bigger age, higher proof, and a bolder grain profile than most traditional American whiskeys.” (Source)

Scott Disick Will Launch Leo De Verzay Champagne in the U.S.

WhistlePig Whiskey has announced the release of 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey, featuring a high-corn mash bill while maintaining a dash of rye as a nod to WhistlePig’s roots. The brand recommends the bourbon for use in citrus and sour cocktails. The product will launch in 15 markets this year, as well as online, for a suggested retail price of $49.99 per 750mL bottle.

“We are very excited to launch this Brand with Scott Disick. He is a proven leader, successful businessman, and taste-maker, who understands and embraces our mission to bring quality and innovation to the Champagne/sparkling wine category. We will work together to create memorable experiences for our customers and make LDV their drink of choice,” said Managing Member and Equity Partner, Brad Turk. (Source)

Midnight Silkie Irish Whiskey Released Across U.S.

Ireland’s Sliabh Liag Distillery launched its Midnight Silkie Whiskey across the U.S. this month. In what is the smokiest iteration in its Silkie Whiskey collection yet, the new offering is a triple distilled peaty single malt that is complex and unique compared to other lighter whiskies. The new product is aged in sherry, oak, imperial stout, and red wine casks which lends notes of sandalwood and sweet tobacco on the nose. Bottled at 46% ABV, Midnight Silkie Whiskey will be available across all 50 states for $46.99 per bottle. 

“Our smokiest whiskey yet really harks back to a pre-prohibition time when Donegal’s characteristic style was famed for warming, earthy flavors. Just one sniff has me transported right back to my grandparents’ front room and the rich smells of the peat fire, pipe tobacco, and fresh baking combining lusciously,” commented Sliabh Liag’s founder James Doherty.  (Source)

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