New introductions were once again dominated by high-growth categories like tequila and American whiskey in November. We also saw the start of some special seasonal releases. Skrewball released a ready-to-serve peanut butter-flavored eggnog offering just in time for the holidays. We can expect more unique holiday-themed options to hit the shelves in the days and weeks to come. Below is Park Street’s full product release recap for November 2022.

Old Forester and King Ranch Launch Bourbon

Old Forester and King Ranch, the so-called birthplace of American ranching, have joined forces to create Old Forested King Ranch Edition, a limited-edition whiskey made to celebrate the legacies of the brands. The new offering celebrates the histories of Brown Forman’s Brown family and the descendants of Richard King, founder of King Ranch. The batch of 105-proof Old Forrester bourbon is aged in heavily charred barrels and filtered through charcoal made from mesquite trees that were harvested around King Ranch. King Ranch Edition will retail for a suggested price of $69.99 and is exclusively available in Texas. 

“This new product represents George Garvin Brown’s lasting legacy and Old Forester’s commitment to quality bourbon. It’s a big, bold flavor – to match the big, bold King Ranch in South Texas” noted Cole Irvin, a whisky innovator who helped craft the King Ranch Bourbon. (Source)

Espolòn Tequila Introduces A Cristalino Expression

Espolòn is the latest tequila brand to introduce a Cristalino SKU with the release of its Espolòn Cristalino. The Campari America brand launches the offering as a tribute to its late founder Cirilo Oropeza. The blended tequila is made with the brand’s añejo expression and is lightly charcoal filtered resulting in notes of caramel, agave, and oak. Espolòn Cristalino is available at retailers nationwide with each 750mL bottle selling for an SRP of $59.99.

“A project years in the making, our Cristalino was created using both traditional and modern techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind liquid that celebrates Espolòn’s rich heritage and Cirilo’s trailblazing spirit,” commented Sean Yelle, Senior Marketing Director at Campari Group USA, in a press release. (Source)

Uncle Nearest Releases Its First Nationally Available Whiskey Since 2019

This month Uncle Nearest added the third whiskey to its permanent lineup: Uncle Nearest Straight Rye Whiskey. The rye starts being made in Canada before being transported to New York where it games for four years and finally is moved to Tennesee to be finished in Uncle Nearest barrels. The new offering is available at Uncle Nearest’s distillery, online, and at retailers nationwide for an SRP of $59.99. This will be followed up by two iterations: Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Black Label and Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Rye which will retail for $79 and $89 respectively. 

“It took us a while to release our 100-proof straight rye whiskey. If we were going to add rye to our lineup, it had to be worthy of all the accolades and awards our other whiskeys receive. My great-great-grandfather’s legacy of excellence requires us to take our time. I’m confident he would have been so proud of this straight rye whiskey,” says Victoria Butler, Master Blender at Uncle Nearest. (Source)

Beefeater Crown Jewel Joins Permanent Range

Released as a limited edition expression twenty years ago, Pernod Ricard’s Beefeater has added Beefeater Crown Jewel to its permanent lineup. With super-premium gins currently taking high shares of the category, the time was right for Beefeater to bolster its premium offerings. Made with 10 botanicals, the premium gin initially tastes of grapefruit and leads into notes of juniper for a complex flavor. Beefeater Crown Jewel contains 50% ABV and is currently available across the U.S. for an SRP of $70. 

“Beefeater Crown Jewel provides those looking for reassurance and status from established international brands with something extra special from Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin,” said Murielle Dessenis, Beefeater’s Global Brand Director. (Source)

Siempre Releases Exclusivo-Vivo Tequila

Siempre Tequila has diversified its existing lineup with the introduction of Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo. The tequila uses a traditional Hispanic-Peruvian method of production which sees the distillation of the fermented aguamiel take place while the yeast is still living, resulting in less alcohol build-up with a higher agave flavor retention. This is a limited release with only 9,000 bottles available for purchase. Each bottle of Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo can be found for an SRP of $129.99 per bottle on Exclusivo’s official page. 

“While many are putting simple tequila into intricate, beautiful bottles, Vivo is the exact opposite. It is a harmony of carefully selected agave and lost distilling techniques, absolutely never seen in the tequila world, created by one the world’s most respected Maestro Tequileros placed in an overly simple glass bottle,” said Alex Lacroix, Co-Founder of Siempre. (Source)

Skrewball Releases Peanut Butter Flavored Eggnog

Skrewball Whiskey, a rising star in the industry, is introducing a holiday-themed SKU just in time for the end-of-year festivities: Skrewball Eggnog. The brand infuses its core spirit with cream for a tasting profile with notes of cinnamon and vanilla to compliment its signature peanut butter flavor. The ready-to-serve offering contains 15% ABV per 750mL bottle and will be available for a limited time in fourteen states. 

“Skrewball Whiskey is known for breaking the mold with innovative flavors and premium ingredients, so we knew it was a natural next step to transform a seasonal classic and continue driving the flavored whiskey category forward in unexpected ways. We’re confident that this decadent limited-run spirit is going to make a splash in the industry and with consumers,” commented Skrewball President Carl Carlson. (Source)

Tequila Cazadores Unveils First-Ever Estate Release

Tequila Cazadores, a major player in the tequila category, has unveiled a limited edition expression: Tequila Cazadores 100 Year Estate Release. The release comes in celebration of the brand’s 100th anniversary of its original reposado recipe. Made from a blend of tequilas, the new offering is aged in French and American oak barrels giving the liquid a light gold color.  Tequila Cazadores 100 Year Estate Release will be available in limited quantities nationwide for an SRP of $39.99 per 750mL bottle. 

“This unique first-ever estate release from the brand will serve as a time capsule of this centennial anniversary for years to come. We are so excited to share this extra special blend of agave from the Cazadores property with tequila enthusiasts,” noted Jay Needham, Tequila Cazadores Brand Director. (Source)

Avaline Wine Introduces a Cabernet Sauvignon 

Avaline, the popular wine brand backed by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, has added a Cabernet Sauvignon to its existing lineup. This follows the successful launch of its Chardonnay earlier this year. Power noted that the new wine was a product of a dialogue with its consumer base who said that they were missing a bolder red offering. The Cabernet Sauvignon is medium to full-bodied with tasting notes of berries and cocoa. It’s also vegan-friendly, made with all-natural ingredients, and contains zero sugar. The new addition is available at retailers nationwide for $30 and contains 14% ABV. 

The celebrity duo partnered with Tagaris Winery to produce the wine. “We are so proud to be partnering with Avaline to bring our organically farmed wine to a bigger audience. The organic movement is just beginning in the United States and this is such an exciting time. As organic grape growing pioneers in Washington State we are thrilled that Avaline is raising the bar on organic Washington wine,” noted Winemaker Frank Roth. (Source)

Four Roses & Brooklyn Brewery Collaborate on “Black Ops” Barrel-Aged Beer

In the fourth edition of the partnership between Four Roses Bourbon and Brooklyn Brewery, the brands have teamed to release Brooklyn Black Ops. The partnership is the byproduct of a friendship between Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster and the COO of Four Roses. The beer is a Russian imperial stout and is aged for nine months in hand-selected Four Roses Small Batch bourbon barrels. The stout is rich and contains tasting notes of chocolate and coffee notes with a hint of vanilla. The 11.5% ABV offering is being rolled out in over 30 states in 16-ounce 4-pack formats. 

“Collaborating with Garrett has led to extremely unique, high-quality releases over the past four years and the new edition of Black Ops is no exception. The mellow fruit, spice, and oak tones of the Small Batch Bourbon barrels perfectly complement the rich, malty character of the Russian Imperial Stout, creating layers of complex flavors that both beer and bourbon drinkers will appreciate,” commented Brent Elliott, Four Roses Master Distiller. (Source)

Heaven Hill Announces 2022 Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon

In an annual move that bourbon lovers have come to expect, Heaven Hill has launched its 16th edition to its Parker’s Heritage Collection: a Double Barreled Blend bourbon. This year’s iteration features a 13-year Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey which is double-barreled for four weeks before being blended with a 15-year Kentucky straight bourbon for post-aging. The new offering contains distinct oak, baking spice, and dark chocolate notes with an “older aged” mouthfeel. It’s uncut, unfiltered, and bottled at 132 proof. Heaven Hill’s Double Barreled Blend is available nationwide in 750mL formats for an SRP of $174.99. 

“The Parker’s Heritage Collection is a testament to the distilling legacy at Heaven Hill Distillery, and the continued thirst for innovation, which has driven generations of master distillers. This Double Barreled Blend Bourbon is a masterful pairing of two uniquely aged products that create the perfect balance of flavors which, we believe, honor the past, and are a fitting tribute to Parker and his legacy,” said Susan Wahl, Vice President of American Whiskey at Heaven Hill. (Source)


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