Hawaii is a global tourist destination, so any spirit aiming to capture the essence of The Aloha State must compete globally. This founding principal guided Shay Smith and the team at Hawaii Sea Spirits in their creation of Ocean Organic Vodka, a spirit derived from organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water with a unique bottle that emulates the ancient glass balls used to float fishing nets. 

In the latest video collaboration between Thirstie and Park Street University, Smith sits down to discuss how this spirit of innovation led his team to the digital direct-to-consumer space, which has become an online home that allows Hawaii Sea Spirits to interact with their consumers the way they would back on their farm. 

“With Thirstie, it gives you an ability to actually hold their hand if they choose to buy or purchase your product,” says Smith. “And kind of guide them through that experience without all the noise that’s around.”

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