Even if you have a high-quality product, you must be able to connect with retailers in order to get your product on the shelves. In this three-part series from Park Street University, Robin Robinson, Founder of Robin Robinson LLC, provides insight on a better way to think of beverage alcohol sales and how it can translate to pitching a brand to retailers.


In the first video of the series Robinson discusses the importance of systematizing your approach to sales. Creating a system that can be replicated and leads to predictable outcomes can create continued success for your brand.


In the second installment, Robinson explains how to gain your account’s trust and increase sales in the process. Robinson reveals how acquiring industry knowledge beyond your product can make you a trusted consultant to your client, rather than just a product-pusher.


In the third of the series, Robinson reveals how good story-telling can become one of the strongest tools at your disposal when pitching your brand. Robinson also goes on to break down the structure of a winning brand narrative.

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