In today’s competitive digital space, it’s important to utilize any tools that can help your brand stand out. One such useful tool for digital advertising is Google Ads, which at its most basic function allows you to target key words and write text ads for user searches. However, Google Ads can be used for much more.

In the latest video from Park Street University, Kim Nguyen, Director of Marketing for Speakeasy, walks us through the five Google Ads extensions that are most relevant to the beverage alcohol industry: Sitelink Extensions, Locations Extensions, Price Extensions, Promotion Extensions, and Callout Extensions.

Note: In order to use Google Ads or any of these extensions, you will need to set up a Google Ads account, as well as a Google Analytics account, and make sure goals are imported from Google Analytics as conversions in Google Ads.

“If you’re not using any kind of extension or you’re just using the basic expanded text ad or even responsive text ad features, that is just not going to be enough to stand out amongst your competitors on the results pages,” says Nguyen. “That’s where ad extensions come in.”

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