TheRumLab is gearing up for the 4th annual Chicago rum festival on Saturday, April 14th at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago. More than 40 rum expressions will be poured. TheRumLab is a creative and production agency focused on the rum industry. The company produces other events as well: Taste of Rum Puerto Rico, California Rum Festival, New York Rum Festival, and debuting this year – Seattle Rum Festival. The events attract hundreds of guests including beverage trade professionals, rum aficionados, tourists and local consumers.

The U.S. is considered one of the most important countries in the global rum industry. Prior to the American Revolution, rum was the most consumed spirit in the world. While the popularity had waned in past decades, rum is now experience a renaissance as new products and premium rums are gaining popularity with today’s consumers. Rum is also the premier alcohol used in mixed drinks at on-premise retailers.

Source: einpresswire, March 2018