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2019 wine upgrades

Wine as we know it will be getting a facelift. Experts are predicting a link between technology and wine, with fine wine trading apps, robots in vineyards, and more. But those are not the only expansions. Producers are rediscovering old, abandoned vineyards, utilizing ways to adapt to climate change, producing from unfamiliar grapes, and creating wines such as rose sour beer and cannabis infused bubbly. Similar to the cannabis trend, veganism as a trend is one of the fastest growing consumer habits, with sales of plant-based foods rising to 3.3 billion dollars in the past year. This development will only lead to vegan wines. These wines will not be made from fining agents seen in typical wine, derived from milk, egg whites, or animal and fish proteins. Vegan wines replace these with clay or charcoal-based alternatives. Wine is adapting to new and trendy habits to appeal to the modern American.

Source: Bloomberg, January 2019