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2017 expected to be the best year ever for Texas wine

The Texas weather has been known to make or break the grape harvest in the state’s Hill Country and High Plains regions where most of the grape growing regions to make wine are located. This year, winemakers are excited about their potential harvest. The weather definitely played a factor this year, with unusually warm wintertime temperatures to start the year being one of the primary reasons for the optimism. “The warm weather has helped lead to probably the best and certainly the biggest grape harvest that the Texas wine industry has ever seen” said Julie Kuhlken, co-founder of the Hill Country’s Pedernales Cellers. It’s good to hear some positive news out of Texas, so start looking for bottles of Texas white wine as early as January 2018. The reds will take a bit longer, needing up to a year and a half until they are ready to be bottled and sold.

Source: American-Statesman, October 2017