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2012 looks to be a great year for Brunello

bottle with red wine and glass and grapes on a old stone

Many used to believe that even numbered vintages produced lesser quality Brunello, said a leading producer. The 2012 vintage is apparently so good this year that it has completely blown that theory out of the water.

The weather conditions for that year were excellent, leading to wines with the “perfect concentration and personality” said Tenute Silvio Nardi. The season started with plenty of snow in the winter, allowing the groundwater reserves to build to optimal levels come spring time. The extended summer months were a concern for many vineyards, fearing that the added heat and sunshine with limited temperature differentials between day and night might ruin the harvest. But rains in early September cooled the region and ensured even ripening of the grapes and one of the best Brunello vintages to be seen in recent years. Enjoy!

Source: OLN, May 2017