Occasions can play a major role in beverage alcohol consumers’ connection with certain labels. Even seemingly inconsequential factors like weather conditions can play a major role in purchase decisions.

In this video, Cole Clark discusses case study conducted by AmygdaLaunch which revealed that changes in temperature and precipitation had a significant impact on customers’ perception of wine products with different label variants. The wine brand in question featured two labels: one with higher contrast and the other with more neutral colors. During the warmer months, the label with a higher contrast and more prominent branding outsold the more neutral label, but towards the end of summer and beginning of fall, the more neutral label started to significantly outsell the high-contrast label.

The study suggests that consumers’ perception and preference of a product change according to the shifts in their purchase occasion. During the warmer months, consumers tend to buy wine with a label perceived as “loud,” “fun,” and “bold” for consumption with family or friends on warm summer nights. During unfavorable weather, consumers prefer a product that communicates “relaxing,” “restful,” and “cozy” for consumption indoors.

These results highlight the importance of understanding perception and preference when creating label variants. Labels can communicate different values and emotions that resonate with customers and lead to purchase decisions. Beverage alcohol brands should consider different factors, such as weather conditions, target audience, and more when creating label variants to connect with customers and increase product performance. By understanding perception and preference, brands can communicate the desired values and emotions that would increase the likelihood of a purchase decision.

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